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Some of the impacts of foreclosures on families are readily apparent, but the effects go deeper than the displacement of former homeowners. Foreclosures affect both homeowners and renters, and often lead to or exacerbate financial difficulties, stress, and poor health.

For a commentary on the impact of foreclosures on renters, see Renters Need Protection against Foreclosures Too [PDF], by Mary Cunningham of the Urban Institute.

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Click on the links below to learn more about ways foreclosures affect families:

Gates of BallstonDisplacement and Housing Instability
Foreclosures can lead to displacement and housing instability for both owner and renter families.

Gates of BallstonEffects on Children

Foreclosures can disrupt children’s lives due to family stress and financial hardship, moving homes, changing schools or reduced access to public services.

Eaton RowFinancial Insecurity and Economic Hardship
Foreclosures can damage former owners' credit ratings, strip families of equity, and cause other economic hardships.

Milwaukee HAPersonal & Family Stress, Disruption, and Ill Health
Foreclosures can exacerbate existing personal and family problems and elevate household stress.

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Photo credits (top to bottom): Gates of Ballston, Arlington VA -- photo courtesy of AHC, Inc.; Eaton Row, New Haven CT -- photo courtesy of Jonathan Rose Companies LLC; Milwaukee WI -- photo courtesy of Milwaukee Housing Authority