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Policy Guide
Examples and guidance in this section can help states and localities implement policies that address foreclosures' impacts on families, properties, and neighborhoods. 
Current policy statements and activity from NHC and the Foreclosure Task Force can be found on NHC's Policy and Advocacy page.
The Big Picture: How and Why to Craft a Strategic Response
Understand Why Foreclosure Matters

Ways Foreclosures Affect Families
Ways Foreclosures Affect Communities

Develop a Coordinated Response Strategy

Get Organized for Foreclosure Response
Strengthen the State and Local Policy Environment
Develop a Local Action Strategy
Assess Progress

Policies: Families and Households
Prevent Foreclosure, Keep Families in Their Homes

Counseling, mediation, and legal assistance
Financial assistance
Extending the foreclosure timeline
Reduce the risk of foreclosure in the future

Helping Households Recover from Foreclosure

Dealing with displacement
Protecting renters
Rebuilding credit
Preventing displacement

Policies: Properties and Neighborhoods
Secure and Maintain Foreclosed Properties

Expand monitoring of foreclosure properties and monitor owners
resolve code violations quickly and effectively to reduce neighborhood decline

Bring Foreclosed Properties Back Into Use

Encourage the involvement of the private sector
Acquire, rehab, and manage foreclosed properties