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LISC Foreclosure Risk Scores

The LISC Intrastate Foreclosure Risk Scores provide a good starting point to find out which areas are hardest hit by the foreclosure crisis, and where you might want to target your programs and resources. The composite score is based on multiple risk factors (subprime lending, mortgage delinquencies, foreclosures, and vacancies) -- you can explore these more detailed indicators through the other layers in this mapping tool. Click the "Details" button in the map's header for more information.
  • Video guide: Watch a "how to" video to learn about using the interactive maps.
  • Choose a location: To map these data, enter a location in the search box below. Searching by city, county, census tract, congressional district, and other levels of geography will produce a map showing ZIP Code level scores and an outline around the geography selected.
  • Data layers: You may change the data layer to map component scores by positioning your cursor over the LISC Foreclosure Index button to the left of the map. To see LISC Foreclosure Risk Scores at the census tract level, switch to the high-cost loan map.
  • Downloading: Data are available for download on the LISC data page.
  • Example: See an example of how to use the LISC Composite Foreclosure Risk Score.
  • Intrametropolitan scores: Intrametropolitan scores are not currently available for mapping. Download intrametropolitan scores here.
  • Connect data to policies: Get ideas for using these maps and data to inform policies through the links in the "What's Next?" area below the map.
  • Other maps: Looking for other data? Maps are also available for High-Cost Purchase Loans & Census Tract Foreclosure Data and Housing Market Conditions.

How to Read This Map

  • The intrastate foreclosure risk scores provide a measure of how each ZIP code is affected by the foreclosure crisis relative to all other ZIP codes within the same state. Scores cannot be compared across states.
  • A ZIP code with a score of 2.12 to 6.15 has between 2.12 percent and 6.15 percent of the risk level of the ZIP code with the highest score in the state. To see the exact scores of each ZIP code, download the LISC Foreclosure Risk Scores or click on the individual ZIP code on the map.

What's Next?

Explore the policy guide to learn about: